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Three Songs Placed Into High Rotation on Outbound Music Radio Network Stations

June 26, 2017

Above all else, most songwriters want to share their music with listeners…at least, I do. So, on occasion, when radio stations ask for original songs that meet a particular genre or style and I have songs that I feel will work, I submit them, usually with getting radio play. And that’s just what happened this week. Outbound Music Radio Network. Since 2001, Outbound Music Radio Network has been broadcasting 5 different radio stations that feature original songs that you probably...

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November Rains Awarded Semi-Finalist in Annual Song of the Year Competition

December 30, 2016

For the second year in a row, one of my songs has received a Semi-Finalist Award by one of the biggest songwriting competitions on the planet. November Rains, written in 1993 and recorded in 2008 featuring vocal crooner Perry Danos, was a top-ten winner in the 2016 Adult Contemporary/Jazz category of this years contest. This year’s competition included approx. 22,000 songs submitted from around the world. The contest includes ten genres of music and awards one winner, four finalists, and...

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Avrim Topel Releases New CD/Album My Testimony

August 15, 2016

Ave has produced his first album available on CD.  Titled My Testimony, the album is a themed collection of Country, Rock, Americana and Singer-songwriter tunes that he has recorded during the past few years.  The CD is available for purchase on Ave’s website, iTunes, and other on-line music stores. Click here to purchase the album  

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Just Released 4 Brand New Songs – Listen Now!

August 11, 2016

I’ve just returned from spending 5 days in the studio in Nashville cutting 4 new songs that will be mixed and finished later in June.  When Love is War is a sexy, powerful 007ish Adult Contemporary tune done up tempo with intrigue; we also cut a slow, sultry version of When Love Is War (slow) that kills.  Whale Wars is a protest song inspired by the TV series where American conservationists seasheperds.org attempt to stop the Japanese whaling fleet from slaughtering...

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Semi-Finalist in Song of the Year Songwriting Competition

February 18, 2016

My blue-Christmas Country song titled Don’t Feel Much Like Christmas placed as one of 5 Semi-finalist winners in last year’s (2015) Song of the Year Songwriting contest. This year’s competition included 21,524 songs submitted from around the world. The contest includes ten genres of music and awards one winner, four finalists, and four semi-finalists per genre.Previous winners in this contest include Meghan Trainor. Here’s what the website says about the contest: Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest...

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Back in the Studio Recording Three New Songs

January 11, 2016

On Tuesday, Jan.12, we’ll be back in the studio recording three new songs that I wrote last summer and fall. I’m especially psyched about one in particular titled My Testimony. Additionally, we’ll be recutting The Pendulum of Freedom with significant changes, my song that has been enjoying airplay on the Armed Forces Radio network. I’ll also be recutting and re-releasing my Hendrix-esque Hangman and my female gunfighter tribute ballad dedicated to Quentin Tarantino and Ennio Morricone titled The Ballad of...

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The Pendulum of Freedom Selected For Armed Forces Radio Network (AFRN) Rotation

November 4, 2015

Cool runnings! I just received an email from the Armed Forces Radio Network (AFRN) requesting permission to place one of my newest songs into rotation on their radio stations across America. The placement was in response to a solicitation seeking songs that would be relevant to all branches of our armed forces. The Pendulum of Freedom is an anthemic, patriotic Country tune that acknowledges the contemporary but controversial topics of immigration and same-sex marriage in our national conversation and dialogue....

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Announcing my new website and select song catalogue

October 28, 2015

I’ve just launched my first music website, AvrimTopelSongwriter.com . This site catalogues many of my songs organized by Genre and Descriptors. It’s a Listen Only site, meaning that you can listen ‘til your heart’s content, but you can’t download songs directly from here. I will be setting up another website with downloadable music in the coming months, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you are interested in receiving new songs as I create them and hearing about what else I am up to music-wise,...

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