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Three Songs Placed Into High Rotation on Outbound Music Radio Network Stations

June 26, 2017

Above all else, most songwriters want to share their music with listeners…at least, I do.
So, on occasion, when radio stations ask for original songs that meet a particular genre or style and I have
songs that I feel will work, I submit them, usually with getting radio play. And that’s just what happened this week.

Outbound Music Radio Network. Since 2001, Outbound Music Radio Network has been broadcasting 5 different
radio stations that feature original songs that you probably haven’t heard on commercial internet or terrestrial radio.

Outbound Music Radio Stations include

  • Gravity Radio featuring Jazz, Funk, Blues, and more…
  • Heartland Radio  featuring Country, Americana, Bluegrass, and more…
  • Mix Radio featuring Pop, R&B, Singer-Songwriter, and more…
  • Pulse Radio featuring Alternative Rock, Punk, and more…
  • The Connection Radio featuring Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Praise & Worship music

Outbound Music Radio’s website (Outboundmusic.com)  also features Artist pages for each songwriter and allows listeners
to purchase either single songs or albums.

This week, my song Home has been placed on high rotation on Heartland Radio.  My song That Banner We Call Freedom will also air on Heartland Radio over the July 4th holiday week.  And, my song November Rains has been placed in high rotation on Gravity Radio.

Additionally, Outbound Music Radio monetizes songwriter airplay generously. Cool concept, quality content. Check out OutboundMusic and support the songwriter community. To learn more about this cool network, visit Outboundmusic.com.