Avrim Topel Releases New CD/Album My Testimony

August 15, 2016

Ave has produced his first album available on CD.  Titled My Testimony, the album is a themed collection of Country, Rock, Americana and Singer-songwriter tunes that he has recorded during the past few years.  The CD is available for purchase on Ave’s website, iTunes, and other on-line music stores. Click here to purchase the album  

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Just Released 4 Brand New Songs – Listen Now!

August 11, 2016

I’ve just returned from spending 5 days in the studio in Nashville cutting 4 new songs that will be mixed and finished later in June.  When Love is War is a sexy, powerful 007ish Adult Contemporary tune done up tempo with intrigue; we also cut a slow, sultry version of When Love Is War (slow) that kills.  Whale Wars is a protest song inspired by the TV series where American conservationists attempt to stop the Japanese whaling fleet from slaughtering...

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