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The Pendulum of Freedom Selected For Armed Forces Radio Network (AFRN) Rotation

November 4, 2015

Cool runnings! I just received an email from the Armed Forces Radio Network (AFRN) requesting permission to place one of my newest songs into rotation on their radio stations across America. The placement was in response to a solicitation seeking songs that would be relevant to all branches of our armed forces.

The Pendulum of Freedom is an anthemic, patriotic Country tune that acknowledges the contemporary but controversial topics of immigration and same-sex marriage in our national conversation and dialogue. Performed by Nashville vocal artist Michael Lusk and produced by Richard Kearney and our studio band at After 3pm Music Studios in Nashville, I wrote the song in August, 2015  and we recorded it in September, 2015.    

It’s interesting how songs allow us to bring up and call attention to controversial topics without passing judgement or taking sides. And while this particular song does indeed shine a light on two topics that certainly conjur up some strong sentiments, it also resolves our struggle with a chorus that both reunites us as a nation and celebrates what most of us do share in common.

Armed Forces Radio Networks (AFRN) is known as the “Global Voice For Veterans” and is also available on iTunes.